Member Safeguarding

Member Safe-guarding Policies

The Norwood Bears Volleyball Club is a child-safe organisation, and as an affiliate of Volleyball SA and Volleyball Australia, we operate under the VA National Integrity Framework.

We want to bring this to the attention of all participants because as members of our community, the policies are in place to make sure everyone participating in volleyball is provided with a safe and fair environment.

All members of Volleyball South Australia are bound by the policies, which can be found here: 

Members includes athletes, coaches, support personnel, employees and volunteers.

We encourage all members to familiarise themselves with the policies and if you see something, do something. The behaviour we walk past is the behaviour we accept.

You can report any concerns directly to club management, Volleyball Australia or Sport Integrity Australia. Your concern will be treated confidentially and taken seriously.

If you have seen something that you are concerned about and wish to report it directly to Volleyball Australia, please follow this link:

Concerns can also be communicated directly with the club president Alex Costales via email:

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