Norwood Bears Volleyball Club Tournament Fund

The Norwood Bears Volleyball Club is proud to support the growth of volleyball outside of Adelaide, as well as providing opportunities for players of all ages to play more volleyball.

Most years there are a number of tournaments on offer and the NBVC Committee maintains a small fund to assist interested teams financially. These tournaments are usually managed by regional volleyball associations and vary in size, location and age/divisional offering.  Previous tournaments we have attended include Horsham, Renmark, Pt Augusta and Mildura. 

The club offers the following support to members interested in participating in any of these tournaments:

  • Access to the tournament fund to cover the cost of tournament entry

  • Administrative assistance (e.g. to contact potential players)

  • Volleyballs

Most tournaments are within a few hours drive from Adelaide and each team or group will be responsible for their own:

  • Transport and associated costs

  • Accommodation

  • Food and drink

  • Uniforms (teams are welcome to play in their existing Norwood uniforms)

If you are interested in participating in a regional tournament please email

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